Thursday, July 3, 2008

Review a local e-commerce site

E-commerce are becoming more world widely use in this globalize and competitive century. A lot of companies in Malaysia had set up their own local e-commerce site to promote and trade their product at large to the public through the internet.The main benefits of e-commerce to businesses and corresponding benefits to consumers in Malaysia include worldwide access and greater choice; enhanced competitiveness and quality of service; mass customization and personalized products and services; elimination of intermediaries and product availability; greater efficiency and lower costs; and new business opportunities and new products and services.

There is a lot e-commerce site in Malaysia; it includes site to
buy computer, book movie ticket, buy electronic product, shop for accessories and more.
It is a website set up by an airline company where allow users to purchase their service through online. An E-commerce stand a major role for this company functions where allows users conveniently obtain the information need for travel. The main business revenue earned by is from providing flight fare service to traveler. Traveler can obtain cheaper price by booking the fare online without involving travel agent. Other than that, the company provides service that link traveler to find hotel within the departure region and state through online which ease the traveler to have accommodation. There is also some information available in the site which gives knowledge to the traveler who is intended to tour in the departure state. In addition, the site also acts as agent to offer traveler to rent car but is only available for some states. There are more service listed in the website which includes boarding express, further request, check and change fare, route map, and many more. Of course, all these services can be enjoyed by e-payment. provides range of payment ways to suit traveler will.
If possible try to visit and get e-commerce service experience.


Anonymous said...

I recently test drove OS Commerce, and found it to be a very capable ecommerce solution, especially considering the fact that it’s an open source software program. But, my experimentation with different types of CMS software has shown that there is nothing to beat a customized ecommerce solution.

Anonymous said...

E-commerce has evolved as an indispensable part of business organizations that are eager to increase their online sales quotient. However, with the arrival of ecommerce, a whole lot of ecommerce services have begun, namely, online transaction process, supply chain management, electronic funds transfer et al and for the initiation of these services, effective ecommerce software programs have become essential. To get hold of state-of-the-art ecommerce software programs, approach an ecommerce software development company.